Colors: Green, Lavender, White, Reddish-Brown.

Hardness: 6 1/2 – 7

Jadeite is a metamorphic mineral found in Schist. The semi-transparent or translucent varieties of this mineral are called Jade. The Emerald-green variety is commonly known as Imperial Jade, but all hues are used in the manufacture of jewelry. The value of Jade Know the worth of jade  depends on its transparency and flawlessness. It is easily carved and is fashioned into Cabochons, beads, earrings, and objects of decorative or religious significance. The highest quality Jade comes from Burma, but there are rich deposits in California as well.Jade derives its name from the Spanish Piedra De Ijada, meaning stone of the side. This relates to the fact that it was once believed an application of Jade to the side of the body could cure kidney diseases.

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